Radio is one of the effective mediums to reach farmers in rural areas. It creates a platform for them to air their views and ask questions about harvesting rainwater, ultimately bringing about learning in the public sphere.

The radio broadcasts are mainly focused on informing the listeners about rainwater harvesting. This is done by people giving their stories and accounts of the various practices they have implemented into their farming. These people are from an existing learning network focusing on rainwater harvesting and are considered experts on the subject.

The radio broadcasts have been active since April 2015 and have been aired at Forte Fm community radio station and on a National radio station, Umhlobo Wenene. The broadcasts are usually interactive with listeners calling in from different places, hence making the show interactive and lively.

Amanzi for Food is a Water Research Commission programme, the pilot study has occurred in rural Eastern Cape, the focus of the programme is on finding ways of disseminating rainwater harvesting information for the promotion of food security and nutrition.

By: Chisala Lupele