Remember the show and tell’ class sessions you and many others had to succumb during your primary school days? The ‘show and tell’ is a teaching method where pupils bring their own items to class and describe them to their classmates. Items varied from pupil to pupil for they all select their best.

Not too long ago Amanzi for food had to show and tell it all at an agriculture show in Middledrift, Eastern Cape. The agriculture show was filled with farmers showcasing their very best from their fields. Each farmer was required to enter in the competition where judges went round the show in attempt of awarding the best farmer in relation to their produce.

The show was not only a place for the farmers to display their yield, other personnel in the agriculture sector were around to support the farmers present. These varied from veterinary services to nutrition and to Amanzi for Food who was there to inform the farmers on different rainwater harvesting practices. From the number of eager onlookers and intrigued farmers, it showed that the need for improved water practices is still a necessity on the ground.

The agricultural show happens every year in different locations. This one was held at Cwaru location Ward 18 Middledrift and many farmers went away with monetary awards after they showed and told people about their produce.

By Chisala Lupele