One of our learning network members, Bakhusele Mathupha has a registered NPC in Willowvale, Busila Administration. Phawu AgriPak is a local non –Governmental organization established to champion community development through youth and women engagement in Agriculture. Established in 2016 and incorporated on 12th February 2019, the organization is in Amatole district with operations across Mnquma  sub-region and parts of Mbashe districts.

He strives to promote sustainable development through practical engagement of youth and women in meaningful agricultural production for self-sustainability. He and the rest of the team put forward practical engagements of youth and women as identified as the most vulnerable groups of gender in the community for their own social and economic growth and advancement through sustainable support. Such support includes field management training, provision of quality agricultural inputs, farm maintenance and pre harvest and post-harvest handling for quality output, the establishment of demonstration farms, value addition, community mindset workshops and seminars and farm tours.

He also focusses on linking farmers to the market for their different products by dealing with the avoidable barriers that are usually brought about by ignorance and lack of adequate information.


If you would like to find out more please contact Bakhusele at