Busisiwe Mgangxela, an emerging rural farmer near Hogsback who is passionate about keeping things natural and traditional, shares her Green Route.

My background as a nurse educator where good quality nutrition is the first line of management in health care drives me and gives me strength to continue even when challenges arise.

Caring for plants, the environment and mother Earth are my passion. As I continue with this caring I know that in turn these are obviously going to care for human beings. There would be less chronic diseases that are mainly caused by unhealthy eating and eventually there would be less burden on the health budget for preventable conditions.

I use agroecology principles in my food production which looks at a balance in the ecology system where humans benefit from nature and vice versa. Soil preparation is by use of kraal manure, compost, vermicast, vermiliquid from my inhouse worm farming, my free-range indigenous chickens and cows.
Diversification through crop rotation and companion planting makes this possible. Different vegetables, herbs, flowers and grains thrive in my garden.

Hogsback. I am in a beautiful area surrounded by Amathole mountains in a basin comprised of 13 villages not far from a tourist attraction, Hogsback. Natural forest and valleys that are not disturbed give tranquillity and a beautiful breath taking view.
Natural rivers emerging from the mountains that do not run dry and are far from contamination by industrial pollution except for house hold livestock that freely graze and roam in between houses.

Catha holiday resorts in Qoboqobo. This is a beautiful getaway right in the rural village of Qoboqobo (Keiskammahoek) which is a pride of Catha community being owned by the CPA. This community refused to take money from Land reform but wanted to be given their land back and the area was developed into a self catering being a responsibility of the community and is well kept.

Ntaba ka Ndoda I like this space for its sacredness. It is where the Xhosa legend Chief Maqoma’s grave lies. It is my heritage and my pride.