Sharing knowledge on the use and conservation of water for food production

Catch, Store and Use Water

This page is designed to help you find the information you need about any rainwater harvesting and conservation activity or practice that you might be interested in.

There are several categories to help you find the tutorials best suited to your farm.

Some of them refer to a type of skill you might be looking to learn:

Types of skills

General Skills: Activities or practices that are generally used to help prepare for the main RWH&C practices

Catching, Reducing Loss and Holding Rainwater: Activities or practices that help us bring more rainwater into our cropping areas and hold it in the soil for longer

Storing Rainwater: Activities or practices that help us store rainwater for later use

Using Water: Watering (Irrigation) Practices: Activities or practices that help us use the water we have stored more efficiently

Some categories refer to the scale of faming you are interested in or working in. We have divided farm scales into three main categories:

Each skills tutorial consists of a diagram, it’s own unique downloadable handout and info card summary and page numbers for relevant resoures to download.

Info cards summarise some of the key information in the table, and

include a list ‘other factors’, where you will find an indication of the levels of technology; the levels of skills and understanding needed; the levels of cost required; and the levels of maintenance needed.

These are defined as:

Please select a category and an information pack below: