13 09, 2023

Rainwater harvesting in Willowvale, Eastern Cape.

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At present, the world is facing an increasing need to teach about climate change due to many factors such as power generation, goods manufacturing, water wastage, deforestation and overconsumption, to mention but a few. For the following weeks, I will strictly deal with ways and methods I currently employ to save […]

23 08, 2023

Champion Community Development through youth and women engagement in Agriculture – An Amanzi for Food Learning Network Story

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One of our learning network members, Bakhusele Mathupha has a registered NPC in Willowvale, Busila Administration. Phawu AgriPak is a local non –Governmental organization […]

20 07, 2023

Food Systems and Climate Change Curriculum Enhancement conference and workshop

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Dr Wilma van Staden, a member of the Amanzi for Food Team, attended the Food Systems and Climate Change Curriculum Enhancement […]

9 05, 2023

New RWH & C videos available on the Amanzi for Food website.

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Our new Rainwater Harvesting and Conservation Practice Videos.

The Amanzi for Food Team recently created a Video Resource page on the website. We uploaded an Introduction to Rainwater Harvesting and Conservation Practices and then specific videos focused on RWH & C Practices Diversion Furrow, Ponds, Line Levels and A-Frames. These videos are available in English and […]

15 11, 2022

Sustainable agricultural online course development framework for community-based transformative learning

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This paper examines the change drivers and challenges involved in the transitioning of the Water Research Commission’s Amanzi for Food training of agricultural educators and farmers’ face-to-face co-engaged course to an online course aligned with Education for Sustainable Development (ESD) (www-amanziforfood-co-za-amanziforfood.sbox.datafree.co). The study drew on system thinking to analyse components within the course development activity […]

13 09, 2022

The Amanzi for Food Team at EEASA in Namibia

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The 40th Conference for the Environmental Education Association of Southern Africa (EEASA), held at the University of Namibia from 23rd to 25th August 2022 was definitely the event of the year for everyone involved in Environmental Education. Some of the Amanzi for Food Learning Network Team members also attended the conference. Ms […]

26 07, 2022

Heritage Food Gardening Workshop in Diepsloot and Alexandra to promote Rainwater Harvesting and Conservation practices.

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Dr Wilma van Staden and Prof Rob O’Donoghue presented a Heritage Food Gardening Workshop at LEAP 4 in Diepsloot and LEAP 3 in Alexandra, Gauteng, on 21 and 22 July. Twenty-eight teachers, garden technicians and education coordinators participated in the workshop. The main topics include utilising heritage gardening as a curriculum activation tool. Each school […]

26 07, 2022

iGardi – Waste to Food Programme

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iGardi- Waste to Food Programme is a collaborative project between Partners: Waste-ED, Call 2 Care, SABIC Corporate, WCG, and Windmeul Primary in the Western Cape.

The school Windmeul is near Wellington & Paarl. The project involved the collection of waste material to make eco-bricks to make plots & plaster them with a mixture of sand and […]

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