The dissemination and uptake of climate-smart practices and concepts within the South African education, training and extension services within the agricultural system is still an ongoing and challenging process. The aim of this study was to develop a curriculum review tool to assist agricultural trainers to evaluate and innovate their teaching and learning practices towards climate-smart responsiveness. The review tool is an innovative tool to prioritise climate-smart practices and to support the development of climate responsive extension education. A curriculum review study at Taung Agricultural College revealed variations in the extent of alignment between the curriculum and climate-smart agriculture practices and concepts amongst the departments. The tool assisted staff to identify the climate responsive topics and concepts that were relevant to the subject under review, as well as the climate-smart responsive status of the subject. The study showed that the tool was beneficial for curriculum alignment review and thus for charting out the start of reflexive learning and change processes that are needed to support the incorporation of climate responsive practices into the agricultural systems. The tool also supports agricultural trainers as a climate-smart learning platform for agricultural trainers that introduces new practically applicable concepts and information that fosters the change necessary for community-orientated innovative action.

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