Module 2: Overview

Developing teaching/training and learning processes and curricula to promote and support  WRC’s Rainwater harvesting and conservation practices

In Module 1, there were discussions and activities to identify some of the more important rainwater harvesting and conservation (RWH&C) practices that might be appropriate in your area. The assignments provided opportunities to analyse what is currently being taught in relation to RWH&C practices and strengthen understanding of the farming systems in the area, the farmers’ aspirations, how they learn and access information, and what interest they may have in RWH&C practices.

In Module 2, the focus will be on developing teaching and learning processes and curricula to promote and support such practices. This module also reflects on how people learn and on the most appropriate ways in which the information can be shared in both formal and informal education and training programmes.

Module 2 also focuses on the importance of practical demonstrations and activities as learning processes, and the use of productive demonstration sites to support teaching and learning in both the formal and informal sectors. The assignments for this module will provide the opportunity to plan the collaborative development of such productive demonstration sites. In addition to this core material there are hyperlinks to the relevant WRC materials and the Presentations relating to the various sections of this module.

Please watch the video below to orientate yourself with the content of Module 2.

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