Meet the team!

Lawrence Sisitka

Course Manager and Developer

Lawrence is a research associate of the ELRC, with a focus on natural resource management and learning in community and professional contexts. He has been involved in the Amanzi for Food project since the beginning and was part of the team which developed the original Training of Trainers contact course in 2014. He worked with Wilma and Sarah in the adaption of the course for the Online version.

Wilma van Staden

Course Co-Ordinator and Developer

Wilma van Staden is an agri-ecologist specialist associated with the ELRC, Rhodes University. She holds a PhD in sustainable agriculture education and an Msc in Environmental Management. She joined the Amanzi for Food team in 2015. She is an E-Learning researcher and consultant who designs, develops and deploys learner centered, co-engaged, active learning solutions anchored in Sustainable Agriculture and Environmental Management.

Crispen Dirwai


My name is Crispen Dirwai (PhD). I am a Rhodes alumni with special interest in transformative social learning and climate change education. I am also a teacher educator at the University of Zimbabwe and am a practicing small scale conservation farmer with special interest in farmers’ capabilities and water harvesting technologies in particular. I am so happy to learn from you all as I also share experiences with you.

Louise Madikiza


Louise Madikiza is a lecturer in Crops and Agribusiness at Fort Cox Agriculture and Forestry Trainning Institue in King Williams Town. Louise Holds a MSc FCS, PGDHET, & BSc Agric. She has been  involved in the Imvotho Bubomi Learning Network for many years since the first Trainning of Trainers course was hosted at Fort Cox colleage. As a lecturer she has brought a different perspective to the learning network discussions contributing hugely to knowledge shared.

Chamu Matambo


Chamu Matambo is a lecturer in Agricultural Engineering at Fort Cox Agriculture and Forestry Training Institute. He holds a BSc Honours Degree in Agricultural Engineering from the University of Zimbabwe, Graduate diploma in Civil Engineering from Wits University; Post-graduate diploma in Higher Education and Training from University of Fort Hare and currently studying towards a Master of Science degree in Agricultural Engineering at the University of KwaZulu Natal.

As an academically astute Agricultural Engineer and college lecturer with over 10 years of work experience he has a strong passion for ideation and engineering design as well as teaching and training in farm machinery; agricultural mechanisation; agricultural structures; water resources; irrigation systems; drainage systems; soil and conservation, among others. He seeks growth through a continuous process of learning and engaging in challenging roles that offer a progressive career path.

Gerhard Viljoen


Gerhard Viljoen is the current Deputy Director of Continuing Education Services at the University of Mpumalanga. Gerhard has a research interest in ‘Agriculture Education’, ’Continuing education’, ‘Natural resource usage to promote food security’ and ‘Community engagement and University Social Responsibility’. Mr Viljoen headed up the Amanzi for Food Training of Trainers course offered in Mpumalanga in 2018 and has continued to partner with Rhodes University and the ELRC in bringing the Amanzi for Food work to the University of Mpumalanga community.

Robson Mukwambo


Robson Mukwambo has a strong background in Environmental Education for Sustainability. He has worked with the Wildlife Environment of Zimbabwe (more than 7 years), Kwekwe Environmental Education Programme (more than 5 years) and Sebakwe Conservation Education Centre-UK Trust for more than 2 years. He holds a Masters Degree in Environmental Education for Sustainability (MeD) and he has just finished his PhD with Rhodes University. Throughout his work 14 years’ experience, in his Masters’ and PhD’s journey, he has used social learning processes and cultural historical activity analysis to address multidimensional complexities (including water and energy) in farming communities in Zimbabwe. He is delighted to be part of this tutorship team and to share and learn together with the participants on this exciting course.

Laura Conde-Aller


Laura Conde-Aller graduated in Business Management when she became interested in sustainable development matters especially, at the time, in environment-people relationships and nature-based approaches to economic development. Consequently she proceeded to further her studies with a Msc in Environmental Management from Brighton University in the United Kingdom. Since her formal training Laura has invested 20 years working in the environmental and development sector initially as a VSO (Volunteer Services Overseas) volunteer in Central America and Southern Africa followed by thirteen years as a senior manager and water programme manager with focus on integrated catchment management for the oldest environmental NGO in South Africa. During this period Laura was involved in supporting sustainable rural development in rural Eastern Cape with focus on food, water, learning and sustainability.  During the past five years Laura has been working as an associate researcher and PhD scholar at Rhodes University focusing on social learning and transformative pedagogies with rural communities and water-land resource management