The Water Research Commission Amanzi for food project has recently drafted a radio handbook which aims at helping those working with farmers to share information on rainwater harvesting and conservation practices through various media platforms such as community radio and newspaper. This is all to reach farming communities in their areas.

The guide shows how people can go about in formulating content for radio programming and writing newspaper articles. On this note it also highlights where one is able to get information for the content of both radio and newspaper. The information can be accessed in the WRC materials books, info cards, handouts which are all found on the Amanzi for food website.

It is written for anyone interested in sharing information on rainwater harvesting and conservation for food production with farmers and others in their local communities. Some of the users the handbook notes are: farmers, agriculture extension services, rural and economic development agencies, education and training institutions, Non-governmental organisations involved in supporting farmers, community radio station programme managers and presenters and community newspaper editors and journalists.

The guide was written by the Amanzi for food research team and has actual steps by step process on how to formulate content for these media platforms. The handbook is found on the Amanzi for food website on the link below: Click to download Radio Handbook